What is email marketing? A beginner’s guide

Email marketing initially feels like learning another language: it takes lots of practice to understand and requires tons of patience. We’ve created a list of simple tips and tricks for the email-marketing beginner to help get you started. If you’re feeling overwhelmed then don’t worry— you’re not alone. Contact Caliber Media and we’ll provide you with a free consultation.

1. Create an email list

It’s great that you have an email, but who are you going to send it to? Keep in mind Canada’s 2014 Anti-Spam Law. Make sure you have your customer’s permission to send them emails so you’re protected under legislation and can’t be fined. Once you’ve created an email list make sure you don’t consider it a done deal. You should always be on the look out for more clientele.

2. Cut a deal

With the amount of emails everyone receives in the morning, it’s important that you provide your potential client with an incentive. Cut them a deal they won’t find anywhere else. This is the perfect opportunity to market yourself by letting your customer feel like they’re a VIP member. Everyone loves saving money and providing this opportunity will reel in more browsers, or even buyers.

3. Make subscribing easy

This should be the most obvious step but it’s one that businesses commonly forget about. Make sure the subscribe button is available virtually anywhere your customers go. Post it on all your social media sites, your blog and of course, your main landing/existing pages. Viewers aren’t patient and if you don’t make your emails convenient, then they’ll find somewhere else to go.

4. Personalize your email

Make your customer feel special. Try your best to include their name in the email so they know they’re valued. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a number in a massive email subscriber list. Recognizing your customer ensures they’ll take time to recognize you.

Use these simple tips and tricks to begin your email marketing campaign and you’ll come out on top. Remember to be patient and consistent so you’ll keep your customers coming back for more.