Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is one of the fastest, easiest and most accessible ways for your company to reach a wider audience. Utilizing digital marketing strategies such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click), targeted sponsored and boosted posts on social media, and more, your business can expand exponentially. Our entire team here at Alexander Industries works together to create everything from graphics to copywriting, executing them with utmost precision and targeting an audience based on proven data.

Social media marketing

Our creative team comes together to create monthly social plans for your business, including graphics for social posts, content for captions and daily social engagement to draw a wider audience into the gravitational pull of your business. Utilizing modern software such as SEMRUSH, our team can assess hashtags, track growth and much more.

Social PPC Strategies

You have no doubt opened social media and seen ads in your feed. These are PPC targeted ads based on your likes and interests. Our team at Alexander Industries can put together social strategies and target a specific audience with your business in mind. This technique is an excellent and effective way to expand your company reach.


PPC Strategies

Our PPC team here at Alexander Industries utilizes data driven techniques to target and execute a strong PPC campaign with proven growth results. From Google to Instagram and Facebook, strategic PPC campaigns have an excellent return on investment, business growth, and more.

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