Pre-Purchased Time Blocks

here by acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions of the “pre-paid time blocks” services:


Terms & Conditions

  1. I understand and agree to;
    1. that the service is non-refundable
    2. I can access my service time report by:
      1. Logging into my portal to down load my current report
      2. Request a report by emailing at no cost
    3. I can dispute a time log within 30 days of the month end generated report of any inputted item. Any disputes after 30 days is non negotiable.
    4. My pre-purchased time blocks will not expire
    5. If service provided by elite Results marketing group is terminated for any of the following reasons;
      1. Verbal, written, or physical abuse
      2. Non Payment of other services or packages provided by Elite Results Marketing group.

                      Then all pre-purchase time blocks are non refundable.


Eligible Services

The pre-paid time blocks no be used for the following services:

  1. SEO Monthly Campaigns & Services
  2. Printing Products
  3. Sign & Display Products


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Signed by James Findlay
Signed On: December 23, 2018

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