Hosting Malware Clean & Repair Agreement

What Included:

  • Scanning of all Site files to identity currently know malicious threats, scripts, and/or files 
  • Scanning of database to identity currently know malicious threats, scripts, and/or files 
  • Manually Removing and repairing all infected files, scripts, and/or threats
  • Repairing any damaged files or databases required to get website restores to working condition 
  • Identifying security Breach 
  • Updating all core files to latest standing 
  • updating all plugin files to latest standing
  • backing up website files & database once site is fully cleaned (Stored up to 3 months)
  • changing CPanel login Password and providing new login information to the client
  • Subsmitting de-black list to required directories 


What is Not Included:

  • Website Updates 
  • Template Updates 



Malware and Viruses are adapting and changing every day to find new ways to breach security. By cleaning this site we cannot guarantee that it will not happen again if your website is not kept up to date with security, core, & Plugin updates.  It is the clients responsibility to ensure updates are managed and kept up to date. ( Client can choose to purchase an update package from Elite Results Marketing Group Inc, or choose to purchase a site lock security package on a monthly or yearly basis to ensure website is always protected)

If a security breach does occur after 48 hours of the initial clean "Elite Results Marketing Group Inc." Will provide the cleaning service to the client at no extra charge. After the 48 hour period of complete work is submitted it is the clients responsibility to ensure site is secure.


By signining this agreement, I  hereby agree to the terms stated above. 

I would like to proceed with the following domain/Hosting account to be cleaned: 



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Signed by James Findlay
Signed On: December 23, 2018

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