Client Code of Conduct

Alexander Industries Inc. recognizes the importance of a work environment which actively promotes best practice. The purpose of this Code is to describe the standards of behavior and conduct expected from workplace participants in their dealings with customers, suppliers, clients, co-workers, management and the general public.

Clients responsibility to:

  1. Treat staff with respect & honesty.
  2. Refrain from discriminatory comments or actions in regards to sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, and any other behavior that is derogatory to a marginalized person(s).
  3. Give advance notice of their need to access services in order to ensure the services can be provided in a timely manner.
  4. Understand that staff may not be available on a drop in basis, an appointment may be necessary.
  5. Deal with problems and concerns in a mature manner according to Alexander Industries Inc. Policies and Procedures.

Refusal and/or Termination of Services: Alexander Industries Inc. Employees and Clients have a responsibility to be respectful and considerate of each other. The decision to refuse service is usually made by the employee in consultation with the CEO of Alexander Industries Inc.

Clients may be refused service and Termination if the following terms are breached:

  1. Where a client is or is perceived to be threatening, harmful, sexually inappropriate or sexually harassing to an Alexander Industries Inc. members/clients, staff or volunteers, is disruptive to the group’s ability to function, or breaches the group confidentiality requirement.
  2.  Where a client behaves violently in any real or perceived manner.
  3. Where a client is or is perceived to be threatening or obscene in interaction with employees, volunteers or other service users.
  4. Client will not Offer staff/Employees of hours work that is not billed through Alexander Industries Inc.
  5. Client will not offer staff/employees gratuities or bonuses
  6. Client will not offer staff / Employees employment offers within your company.
  7. Client will not damage any property of Alexander Industries Inc. or that of the Alexander Industries Inc. Employees property.

If any of the above terms are breached then immediate termination of services will provided in written/Email form describing reason of termination. Termination will also void any deposits or payments provided to Alexander Industries Inc. and will be non-refundable.